Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurship
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Major Subjects
Subject Code Subject Description
ENTRE1 Principles Of Entrepreneurship (3 units)
This course covers motivation and development of entrepreneurship. This discusses the requisites of a desire for continuous training and development business innovation and the role of entrepreneurship vis-à-vis the government, in economic development and growth from a local and global perspective.
ENTRE2-02 Entrepreneurial Research
Pre-requisite: ENTRE1
This course is divided into two (2) parts. The first part introduces the student to the methods of research and their requirements and the second part teaches the student how to utilize the teachings of research in decision making in all parts of the business enterprise, and how to turn the perception of the opportunity (evaluation of the perceived opportunity) to marketing strategies for calculation and implementation.
ENTRE303 The Philippine Business Environment (3 units)
This course lays the groundwork for an analysis of all types of business, in the Philippine setting. This will cover discussions on the business world's current issues and problem, the controllable and uncontrollable environmental factors, and "environment conscious" business ownership and management.
ENT204 Entrepreneurial Commercialization
ENT305 Entrepreneurial Retailling
ENT306 Entrepreneurial Funds Sourcing
ENT307 Operations Management For SME's
This course covers topics that discuss the distinction between production and operation management with the emergencies of the different guides of products other than item goods. It discusses the principles of production and operation management and the qualitative and quantitative techniques applied in decision making in the said context.
ENT308 Enterprise Planning
ENT309 Entrepreneurial Fundamentals Control
ENT310 Industrial & Agricultural Marketing
This course deals with cooperative management but encourages the students to be agri-based. This takes up the definitions of cooperatives, their classification, the procedure to organize and to manage them effectively. This also considers the impact of cooperatives to economic development and growth.
ENT311 Contemporary Entrepreneurial Practices
ENT312 International Trade & Export Marketing
This course takes up topics on opportunities from a global market as the triad of the world market and the marketing strategies to satisfy them. This discusses the other activities that make entrepreneurs go international other than import and export. Emphasis is given to import and export procedures, its impact to our balance of payment and foreign exchange risks management.
ENT313 Entrepreneurial Management & Development of Business Enterprise
This course intends to integrate the knowledge and skills of the students in Entrepreneurship, the various aspects of new business venture and their interrelationships. This prepares the students to write a feasibility study. This, therefore, is taken-up simultaneously with SRP (Seminars, Researches and Practicum). 
Academic Programs
The College of Business Administration and Accountancy offers the following degree programs: 

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Hospitality Management
  • BSBA Business Management
  • BSBA Economics
  • BSBA Entrepreneurship
  • BSBA Financial Management
  • BSBA Human Resources Mgt.
  • BSBA Marketing
  • At the end of every degree program, graduates are equipped with the basic know-how in the corporate world, either as career professionals or entrepreneurs.