Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management
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Major Subjects
Subject Code Subject Description
FINA1 Principles Of Money, Banking & Credit (3 units)
This course is designed to discuss the basic principles and concepts of money, credit and banking. It also covers investments and global banking. This course is also designed to discuss the relevance of money, credit and banking to existing social and economic conditions.
FINA2 Basic Business Finance (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FINA1
This course defines the field of finance and the parameters of the finance manager's sphere of operations. It also covers the basic requirements for the establishment of new ventures, and of the financial tools and devices used in modern financial markets as channels of distribution for business securities.
FM203 Personal Financial Planning (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FINA2
This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge in setting up and maintaining a balance sheet of asset and liabilities. It takes into account the nature of the business, the volume and stability of its earnings, its prospects of growth, and the attitudes of investors in the capital market under constantly changing economic conditions. Describing the policies and functions introduced in financial planning and strategies, it is necessary to consider the nature of the balance sheet, the main factors determining the capital structure, the correct methods of valuation and capitalization of a business, & the problems arising from overcapitalization or under-capitalization.
FM304 Financial Management I (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM203
The course is designed to provide the students with the basic information on the organizations and operations of the various local/domestic banking and non-banking financial institution and how to maintain monetary stability in order to promote a balanced and sustainable economic growth.
FM305 Comptrollership (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM204
This course is designed to provide the students the knowledge about comptrollership as chief management accountant. This involves the study of the role, functions and responsibilities of a comptroller. Furthermore, it ideals w/ the study of the basic concepts of managerial and operational controlling process, in-depth analysis and understanding of the controlling function and its relationship to communication, the essential elements of control techniques and tools used in financial management.
FM306 Financial Management II (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM205
This course is designed to provide the students the basic general information on the organization and operations of the various international financial institutions and global banking (transnational banks) as the World Bank, International Monetary Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.
FM307 Management Control Systems (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM205
This is designed for students who have had a course in management accounting and who wish to study management control and information system in greater depth. The topics include the nature, goals and strategies, structures, process, and special MC & NS situations.
FM308 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM205
The course provides the students the knowledge about financial risk management. It includes corporate securities, the structure and regulation of securities markets, the regulation of investment companies and thrusts, life insurance and annuities, real estate and mortgage investments, taxes which affect investment policy, and portfolio management.
FM309 International Financial Management (3units)
Pre-requisite: FM205
The first part of the course provides with students the international trade theories underlying the patterns of trade and commercial policies. The dynamics of trade dealing w/ the international finance covering the balance of payment and adjustment, exchange rate determination and system, capital movements and problem of international liquidity constitute the second half of the course.
FM410 Public Finance (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FM306
This course is designed to discuss the principles and basic concepts of public finance and public - sector economics. It deals w/ the economic analysis of government and its influence on the economy. It touches on the important economic and political institutions so that students understand how public choices are made and the basics of real world - tax, spending, and public choice systems.
FM RM1 Research Methods 1 (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FM307
FM RM2 Research Methods 2 (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FM307
FM SW Seminar-Workshop (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FM308
FM PRAC Practicum (3 units)
Pre-requisite: FM308
Academic Programs
The College of Business Administration and Accountancy offers the following degree programs: 

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Hospitality Management
  • BSBA Business Management
  • BSBA Economics
  • BSBA Entrepreneurship
  • BSBA Financial Management
  • BSBA Human Resources Mgt.
  • BSBA Marketing
  • At the end of every degree program, graduates are equipped with the basic know-how in the corporate world, either as career professionals or entrepreneurs.