Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management
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Course Overview
The Bachelor of Science, major in Business Management, prepares students to run their own businesses of others. The students are provided with basic and advanced theories, principles and procedures in planning, organizing, directing and controlling all aspects of business operation.

Major Subjects

Subject Code Subject Description
MGT1 Principles of Management (3 units)
This subject exposes the students to business and its development, and careers in management. It includes fundamental discussions of principles of organization, rationale, structure, functions and various principles/models underlying the management of any enterprise. This will provide the students with a broad perspective in preparation for higher management subjects.
MGT2 Human Behaviour in Organization (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1
This subject deals with theories and models of organizational behavior: individual, groups and structure.
MGT3 Personnel Management (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-2
This subject focuses on Personnel Management as a functional area for the application of the different Management principles, specifically recruitment, training and development, performance evaluation, benefits and services, HR planning/career development.
MGT4 Marketing and Sales Management (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-2
This subject introduces other functional area of management specifically the conceptualization of goods, the selling of goods, organization, planning, control of marketing activities, sales planning, budgeting and policy making, marketing research, advertising, sales promotion and merchandising.
MGT5 Industrial Relations (3units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-4
This subject discusses the different legal basis and structures affecting the employer-employee relationship as a tool in contributing to building a just, humane and progressive society.
MGT6 Wage and Salary Administration (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-4
This subject covers the discussion of job analysis/evaluation, development of description/job evaluation, salary structure, various principles and techniques in determining wage scale and the design and implementation of systems and procedures and mechanisms for recognizing, rewarding and compensating people in a group or organization.
MGT7 Supervisory and Leadership Management (3units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-6, for non-Mgt. -- Mgt 1 & 2
This subject covers the study of the different principles of leadership and supervision requiring the ability to get things done through other people, by securing cooperation and influencing the work force in meeting organizational goals and standards.
MGT8 Applied Decision-Making System
MGT9 Production Management (3units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-6, for non-Mgt. -- Mgt 1 & 2
This subject covers the function of planning, supervision and control in the production of goods and services, specifically principles of production, method analysis, work measurement, plant lay-out, materials handling, quality control, plant engineering and maintenance and capital investment.
MGT10 Financial and Investment Management (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-8; Actg. 1, 2 & 13; Fina 2
This discusses managerial skills applied to financial planning, analysis and control, capital budgeting and analysis, short and intermediate term financing; long term financing and working capital investment.
MGT11 Organizational Development (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-9
The subject provides the students with an understanding of the concept of change and how organizations should be managed, respond and cope with problems to be able to meet the objectives.
MGT12 Public Administration (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Polsci 1
This subject orients the students on government organizations through basic undertaking of political, economic and social process.
MGT13 Business Ethics (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-12
This subject shows recognition and appreciation of ethics as applied in business – towards people and institutions inside and outside the firm. It also involves appreciation of social issues and impacts of managerial decision as well as their moral implications.
MGT14 Strategic Management (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Mgt 1-12
This subject covers discussion of strategic planning and policy formulation. It integrates principles in the various areas of business operations in order to formulate the long-term direction of the business entity.
RM1&2 Research Methods I & II (6units)
Pre-requisite: RM I – Mgt 1-10; RM II – Mgt 1-12, RM I
The subjects introduce the students to the basic principles governing the preparation of a research study and scientific investigation and their actual preparation of a research study (Thesis).
SWP1&2 Seminar, Workshop and Practicum I & II (6units)
Pre-requisite: SWP I – Mgt 1-10, SWP II – Mgt 1-12, SWP I
This subject exposes the students to the real world of business and work scenario. It requires active participation in seminar/workshops and On-the-Job Training.


Academic Programs
The College of Business Administration and Accountancy offers the following degree programs: 

  • BS Accountancy
  • BS Hospitality Management
  • BSBA Business Management
  • BSBA Economics
  • BSBA Entrepreneurship
  • BSBA Financial Management
  • BSBA Human Resources Mgt.
  • BSBA Marketing
  • At the end of every degree program, graduates are equipped with the basic know-how in the corporate world, either as career professionals or entrepreneurs.