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CLAS LogoThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program seeks the education of the whole person stressing self-awareness, ethical values, critical inquiry, creativity and social responsibility through the integration of academics, the arts and community service.

The 3 guiding principles of the Liberal Studies Program such as: breadth is being achieved thru a balance of required subjects in Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Languages and Health and Physical Education, Depth, is provided through a chosen major concentration in the different courses offered in CLAS such as Communication Arts, Psychology, Political Science, AB Advertising, AB Public Relation, AB Journalism, and AB Broadcasting. Integration is provided through the offering of subjects required in all courses such as Seminar Workshop and Practicum (SWP), Research Methods and Practicum (RMP) where students are required to undertake “ on the job training” and come up with a research paper (thesis). Community Service is one of the pillars of Higher Education is given a central place in all courses.

To continuously build a Christocentric community, the department endeavors to deepen Christ-centeredness through core- curricular offering of Theology and other supplemental activities like parish exposure, retreats and recollection, community outreach program to our adopted communities.

To achieve academic recognition, the Collegiate Department has satisfactorily met the standard set by the PAASCU for accreditation given in May 2005. In connection to this the CLAS administration has impressed upon its faculty, staff and students that the Colegio will continuously prepare to pursue the attainment of the next levels of accreditation until it reaches the autonomous level by strengthening the curriculum programs through regular revision of the syllabi, meticulous preparation of test questions and documentation of activities. Furthermore, the CLAS has been in the look-out for various interscholastic competitions in the different areas- Mathematics, Communication Arts, Psychology, General Information etc. where our students have been excelling in some which bring honor and recognition to the Colegio.

The culture of research is being given a focus not only in research subjects but also in other subject offerings. Improvements on this area had been undertaken through the revision of standard policy on Research for the Collegiate department which include evaluation of the panel members, thesis advisers and even the defense proceedings to ensure quality research outputs by our students. The best theses awards program will be implemented this school year.

To be responsive to the needs of the 21st century, the department offers foreign languages as electives such as Mandarin, French, Spanish and Nihongo.

To attain skilled human resources who value professionalism committed to service and receptive to change the faculty and staff have been required continuously to improve themselves academically (minimum MA Degree) professionally by attending seminars, workshop, conferences etc.) and personally thru attendance to spiritual, social and cultural activities in and out of the Colegio. The Echo Seminar organized by the CLAS annually is an opportunity for all faculty who had attended various activities outside to share their experiences and insights and give impetus to a stimulating academic interactions among the faculty. Likewise, the faculty of each area are required to come up with an action research output presented in a colloquium spearheaded by the RPOD. Moreover, the faculty and staff had been encouraged to use Technology as an educational tool in research; to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency in office operation and Instruction.

Overall, the efforts to build on the existing policies and good practices without hampering creativity and innovativeness are cause for hope and a renewed pride among the administrators, faculty and students. The promise of even better performance in the future is possible with the cooperation and support of all concerned.


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