High School Department: Student Organizations
High School Department
High School Student Organizations

Aside from the academic offerings, Letran High School also provides co-curricular & extra curricular activities that will develop the students talents and interests through different organizations.
  1. Letran Youth for Christ (LYC)
    This club’s activities are along the lines of spiritual formation. Members are trained to become mass servers, to assist during religious activities and strengthen its linkage with DOMNET.

  2. Computer and Electronics Club (CEC)
    The club develops the students talents and abilities in the use of computers. The members are taught how to make cards, banners and posters through the use of the graphic softwares. They puts up a mini exhibit within the schoolyear. The members are also taught the basic preventive maintenance of computers.

  3. Letran Association of Junior Mathematicians (LAJM)
    Students in this club are trained to be competent in Mathematics. It is in this group where the school gets contestants for outside competitions. The Math club also organizes interaction, yearly intersection, quiz contest. The adviser gives merit cards quarterly to those who excel in the subject. 

  4. Letran Association of Junior Scientists (LAJS)
    The students have educational field trips, film showing, contests and seminars. The students also have a yearly science exhibit during the school’s science week. As an incentive to students, the science club adviser gives merit cards quarterly to those who excel in Science.

  5. Kampilan & Dramatics Club (KDC)
    The Kampilan Club gives more emphasis on the dramatization of the different novels that they study like Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, Florante at Laura and Ibong Adarna. It also trains the students in “Solong Bigkasan”, “debate” at “pangmaramihang bigkasan.” Another activity that they sponsor is the celebration of “Linggo ng Wika”, where they have slogan making contest, exhibit, essay writing contest and others. Students learn scriptwriting, acting, and the mechanics of production and presentation of stage plays. They also have seminars, exhibits and contests.

  6. Debaters and Forensic Society of Letran (DFSL)
    This club train students in debate, oration, and public speaking which develop the students’ communication skills.

  7. Association of Junior Peers of Letran (AJPL)

  8. Book Lovers Club (BLC)

  9. Letran Arts Club (LAC)
    The Art Club develops the students aesthetic sense. They have slogan, painting and poster making contests (inside and outside of the school), visits to museums, attend talks and demonstration about the arts.

  10. Music Lovers Club (MLC)
    The members of this club undergo regular choir training since they are usually invited to sing during masses and other activities they sponsor, the tribute to teachers during Valentine’s Day, Tagis-awit and the like.

  11. Squires’ Dance Club (SLC)

  12. Senior Scouts

  13. The Letran Scroll (school paper)
    The Scroll is the official student publication of the High School Department. The selection of the editorial board and staffers is rigid. The creative writing talents of the students are enhanced through a series of workshops and seminars.

  14. Letran High School Supreme Student Council (LHSSSC)
    The Letran High School Supreme Student Council (LHSSSC) is the highest organization in this department. Major activities like the Junior Senior Promenade, Boy’s Week, Department celebration of Teachers’ Day and Outreach activities are sponsored by this organization.