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Letran Alumni Awards: Guidelines for Awards & Recognition

An Affirmation of Time-Tested Ideals
The Colegio de San Juan de Letran, founded in 1620, has had almost four centuries to perfect the formation of young men and women whose lives are clear proof of the excellence and timelessness of its teaching philosophy, ideals, and morality.

Roughly four centuries ago, the founding fathers of Letran sowed the seeds of an education dedicated to the service of Deus, Patria, Letran among the street children of Manila. Today, its harvest of lives well taught and lived in the pursuit of knightly ideals is as bountiful as it is diverse. From the clutch of orphans who first comprised the students of Letran emerged St. Vicente Liem de la Paz, a canonized saint, and four Philippine presidents – Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon, Jose Laurel, and Sergio Osmena Sr. It also spawned many revolutionary heroes, religious leaders, government officials, businessmen, educators, and military brass – all critical players in the country’s colorful history. On this high moral ground of spirituality, selflessness, rectitude, strength of character and heroism is firmly rooted Letran’s claim to a continuing tradition of excellence.

As the throng of Letranites marched through the corridors of time, they set the moral tone, aspirations and achievements of their generation. Among them have risen men whose lives and lifetime work are legendary and whose greatness has breached the barriers of time and circumstance. It is in the honor and memory of those legendary fathers and alumni that the Letran Awards was conceived and undertaken.

The Letran Awards carries on the tradition of excellence set by Letran education.

The Letran Awards is Letran’s continuing testimony to the enduring relevance of Letran education even as the college positions itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As designed, the awards are aimed at:

keeping alive the tradition of excellence that had already been set by the school’s founding fathers and legendary alumni;
recognizing the men and women whose contribution to the betterment of the faith, country and the Letran community are worthy of Letran’s support;
holding up fitting role models for students and other Letran knights to follow, while encouraging students and alumni alike in aspiring for higher levels of excellence in their individual pursuits.

The Letran Awards was originally organized by the Letran Alumni Association in 1961 as the Letran Alumni Awards to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of the school’s alumni in various fields of endeavor. 


The Hall of Great Knights is the Letran Alumni Association’s equivalent of a hall of fame. Even after the demise of the alumnus, his contributions continue to be felt, and his memories continue to linger in the minds of his countrymen because of a single deed or series of accomplishments. Acknowledged at least on the national level, his reputation must be unblemished and beyond reproach.

Selection to the Most Distinguished Alumnus Award shall be based on the alumnus’ significant individual contribution to the upliftment and betterment of the Filipino people. Accordingly, his reputation must extend either regionally or internationally.

The Letranism Award shall recognize an individual alumnus who shows sincere concern and strong support for the cause of Letran. The strong Letran spirit must be expressly manifested not only in words but more so in actions or deeds. Such manifestations may come in the form of active and direct involvement in alumni and/or school activities and affairs, gratuitous support, money or otherwise, and a continuous and powerful championing of the Letran spirit.

The basic criterion for the Outstanding Professional Award shall be a nominee’s excellence in the exercise and advancement of his profession as shown by his major contributions in the field, level of peer recognition, published or documented work, and other professionally accepted indicators and benchmarks.

The Meritorious Alumnus Award is given to one who by a remarkable singular deed has reaped honor upon himself, the school, and/or the country.

Other Required Qualifications of Nominees
To be nominated for the Letran Awards, a nominee must in addition to the above criteria possess the following qualifications:

He or she should be an alumnus/alumna of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

The individual must have completed his primary, secondary, or tertiary education in Letran. As evidence of this, he must either be able to present his diploma or transcript of records to validate his graduation from the institution, or otherwise be certified by the Secretary of the Letran Alumni Association or Letran’s Registrar.

For extraordinary achievement, individuals who have had at least two (2) years of education in Letran and who are demonstrably proud of their Letran heritage may be considered for the Letran Awards.

Loyalty to Letran. The individual must have demonstrated loyalty to Letran, and must be proud of his roots as a Letranite. Such loyalty may be observed through his works and other endeavors, as well as his continuing willingness to acknowledge his Letran identity whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Rules Governing Nomination
The nomination covers accomplishments only up to December 31 of the year preceding the conferment of the Award. Nomination should be made using the prescribed Letran Awards nomination form, available at the Letran Alumni Office.

Nominees should be nominated under only one category.

The accomplished nomination form and all supporting documents must be submitted on or before March 1 of the year of the awarding to:

The Screening Committee
Letran Awards
c/o Center for Public Affairs and Media Development 
St. Thomas Building, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Tels. 552-50398; 5277693 to 97 loc. 614
Email: pamd(at)letran.edu

Mailed entries must be postmarked not later than the aforementioned date.

Nomination Categories
Most Distinguished Alumnus Award
Letranism Award
Outstanding Professional Award
Meritorious Alumnus Award

Selection Process
The selection process starts from an extensive preliminary screening of nominees by the Screening Committee, composed of two (2) members from the Letran Alumni Association, two (2) representatives from the school, and a former recipient of either the Most Distinguished Alumnus Award or the Letranism Award. It shall be chaired by the president of the Letran Alumni Association.

If the screening committee deems it necessary, it may call upon the nominee for an interview, or may require the nominator to present in person the nominee’s qualifications for the Letran Award.

The final selection of the nominees will be made by a board of judges composed of two (2) senior representatives from the Letran Alumni Association, two (2) vice presidents of the school, and the Rector of Letran. The decision of the board of judges shall be final and unappealable.

Incumbent officers and members of the Letran Alumni Association are disqualified from being nominated.

Notification of Awardees and Attendance Requirement
The awardees shall be informed as to the date of the awarding ceremonies jointly by the Office of the Rector and the Letran Alumni Association at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the awarding. The awardee shall be required to attend the awarding ceremonies unless he presents justifiable reason for not being able to do so.


General Guidelines and Timetable
Colegio de San Juan de Letran and the Letran Alumni Association shall announce the call for nominations through the internet, letters, posters, newspaper advertisements and/or other media which will be coordinated by Letran’s Office for Alumni Relations.

The following may nominate for the Letran Awards:
Letran alumni
Letran administrators and faculty members
Office for Alumni Relations

Nominations may be submitted to the Letran Alumni Association secretariat starting from July 1 of the preceding year to March 1 of the awards year. Complete documentation of all nominees must be in by March 1.

The entire screening and selection process must be finished at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the awards, after which the awardees will be immediately informed through the issuance of congratulatory letters to be issued by the Rector of Letran and the President of the Letran Alumni Association.


Download Colegio Awardees Nomination Form

  • Read the LAA President letter to the Father Rector regarding the issues about the selection of the Knights coach (click here)

Letran alumni may be recognized in any of the following categories:

Hall of Great Knights. Elevation to the Hall of Great Knights (HGK) is the most exalted honor to be conferred to an alumnus.

Most Distinguished Alumnus Award. This award is the highest recognition that the LAA can confer to an alumnus who brings honor and distinction to the country and to the school.

Letranism Award. This shall be conferred upon an alumnus in recognition of the strong school spirit he exhibits in terms of genuine concern and loyalty to the alma mater and its alumni sector, coupled with concrete actions manifesting his unwavering support for Letran.

Outstanding Professional Award. Awarded to an alumnus who has shown excellence in his chosen profession.

Meritorious Alumnus Award. Bestowed upon an alumnus for successfully performing or handling an activity, affair or project that redounds to the benefit of the school or the Letran Alumni Association. It can also be conferred on the strength of a single remarkable achievement that brings glory to the person and to the school.

The nominator must submit the following to support the nominee’s eligibility for the award:

A completed nomination form.

The nominee’s curriculum vitae, including two (2) 2”x 2” colored pictures
An executive summary detailing the nominee’s background, range of meritorious work, scope of activity and outstanding achievements. Such executive summary must indicate clearly how the nominee’s accomplishments qualify him for the chosen award based on the given criteria. Quotations, statements by authorities, honors and awards must be included in separate sheets in appropriately designated annexes.
A nomination or bid booklet, which will contain all of the above, will also contain all the attachments and shall not exceed twenty (20) pages. Material should be typed on A4 sheets, single-spaced, and should be standardized in Arial type, 11 points. One (1) original and five (5) copies of the bid booklet should be submitted.

Outline format of the Executive Summary
Personal profile
Educational attainment
Career background and scope of work
Statement of the nominee’s character and integrity
Description of the nominee’s outstanding achievements, exceptional contributions, and the impact of his achievements to his professional field or industry. 
Impact of the nominee’s outstanding achievements to society
Socio-economic or cultural impact
Geographic impact
Participation in organizations – government, non-government, professional, socio-civic, and religious. Detail also:
Extent and depth of involvement
Level of participation
List of awards and recognition