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by Antonio Macaranas, September - December 2010

The Letran Graduate School has informed the office of Commission on Higher Education-National Capital Region (CHED-NCR) the inclusion of Hospitality Management as another field of specialization together with Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship, under the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. 

This addresses the demand of graduate students who are either in the academe or in business, hoping to acquire high-level managerial skills in this discipline. 

This was implemented starting the second trimester of academic year 2010-2011 under the MBA standard program.

According to Dr. Antonio Macaranas, dean of the Graduate School, many practitioners clamor to be adequately equipped with professional abilities to match the growing demand and dynamics in hospitality management. 

Quite a number of establishments and business entities in the industry are in need of professional managers to make operations commercially viable. The academe is likewise in need of faculty with vertically aligned master’s degrees to teach hospitality management courses.

The specializations in the MBA program are the following: Tourism Management, Planning  & Development; Food and Beverage Management; International Hotel Management; and Cruise and Luxury Liner Operation. 

Cognates cover Airline Policy and Airport Operation and Special Topics in Management. 

The whole course inclusive of foundation and core subjects can be completed in one year and six months.