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by Gary Vergel De Dios, May 2010

Alumni members of  the FRATERNAL ORDER OF KNIGHTS had a dinner meeting  last March 23, 2010 at the Manila Hotel  with  Fr. Tamerlane Lana, Rector of Letran, Fr. Boyd Sulpico, Vice-president for financial affairs, and Mrs. Ofelia Castillo, external affairs officer & Editor-in-Chief of the Letran News. Representing the FROKS are President Mark Ramos (HS ’86) and newly elected LAA directors Steve Maningat (HS ’76) and Gary Vergel de Dios (A.B. ‘65).

Among the projects discussed for this coming schoolyear are the awarding of scholarship to poor-but-deserving students through the LAA and the office of the father rector, feeding and gift-giving in the depressed area of Intramuros, hosting of seminars & symposiums in the Intramuros & Calamba campuses, upgrading the scholastic standard of Letran through teachers salary  augmentation, employment opportunity enhancements for the graduates, and fund-raising to underwrite school-sponsored activities.  The FROKS wish to maintain the warm relationship with the school administration through these worthy projects and leadership works by its resident members. The FROKS welcome any request from the school administration for joint projects.

The Fraternal Order of Knights (FROKS) was formed in 1964 by Gary Vergel de Dios and Dion Santos. The primary purpose was to give the students an opportunity to channel their energy to constructive projects and make the colegio proud of them. The FROKS was officially recognized by the school administration after the members proved their honorable intentions through activities such as hosting the alumni homecoming, charitable projects, hosting seminars/symposiums, and supporting the Letran Junior/ Senior Basketball Teams in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Letran captured the NCAA crown for 3 consecutive years from 1982-84 under coach Larry Albano a member of the brotherhood. Nemie Villegas, a member likewise coached the team that won the NCAA crown in 1979.  Coach Louie Alas and Bishop Soc Villegas were recently inducted as honorary members during their grand reunion last November 21, 2009 at the Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig.

In the 46 years of existence, the members of the FROKS have been leaders in the campus. Members who chaired the student council, the cheering squad, and other campus organizations. There are over 2,300 members of the fraternity and could be found in many parts of the world. The FROKS has a website and an e-group, where many members interact. The FROKS alumni organization, (Fraternal Order of Knights of Letran) is a legally registered organization with the Securities & Exchange Commission. It has a 15-member board of trustees, elected by and from the members. There is a chapter for members who are residing overseas, called FROKS International, headed by Dion Santos. Mark Ramos is elected president and chairman of the FROKS alumni. FROKS is active in the Letran Alumni Association (LAA), having 2 of its active members elected to the board of  LAA, Steve Maningat & Gary Vergel de Dios.

The brotherhood will celebrate their 46th anniversary at Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, USA this coming  August 14, 2010. Arriba Letran!