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Seniors Division

Defending our Crown

Ronjay Enrile cuts down the net winning the 79th NCAA Basketball Championship
Despite the lack of height, the Letran Knights shocked their detractors by
capturing last year’s 79th NCAA basketball championship crown. The NEVER GIVE UP attitude built up by Coach Louie Alas is has proven to be the right ingredient for the LETRAN KNIGHTS.

There is nothing sweeter than a back-to-back championship. The blue, red and white colors will fly all over the venue and the thunderous ARRIBA LETRAN battlecry will fill the air once again.

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Juniors Division

Squires Pursuit for Glory

Letran Squires Junior Basketball Team
Even if the Squires did not reach the championship round in last year's NCAA, the team is determined to regain lost glory. During the off-season, the Letran Squires worked hard on setting definite goals and acquiring emotional and psychological power to achieve a certain degree of maturity. They know the mature ones will survive because they can handle themselves and difficult situations. The immature and irresponsible cannot, they perish.

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Games Today (Sep 15, 2004)
 LC Knights 80
 PCU Dolphins 85

Seniors Division
Team Standings

  Team W-L pct
  PCU Dolphins 10-4 0.71
  UPHDS Altas 10-4 0.71
  LC Knights 9-5 0.64
  MIT Cardinals 7-7 0.50
  SBC Lions 7-7 0.50
  SSC Stags 7-7 0.50
  JRU Bombers 4-10 0.29
  CSB Blazers 2-12 0.14

Juniors Division
Team Standings

  Team W-L pct
  SBC Red Cubs 13-1 0.93
  LC Squires 10-3 0.77
  PCU Dolphins 5-2 0.71
  CSB Blazers 4-3 0.57
  SSC Staglets 4-3 0.57
  MIT Red Robins 2-5 0.29
  JRU Light Bombers 1-6 0.14
  UPHDS Altalettes 0-7 0.0
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